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Designing a Smart Home system

   The project allows you to determine in detail technical solutions, installation features, quantities of materials, cost, timing and related conditions for the launch of the system. Our experience in designing and subsequent maintenance of facilities is more than 15 years, we will be happy to share it.
Проектирование системы Умный Дом

Basic price for Smart Home system design services 100-999 sq.m.:

Concept and specifications for the Smart Home project     FREE      
Audit / verification of automated control system or Smart House projects   FREE    
TRAINING in the design of SMART HOME systems EasyHome and docs   FREE    
Automated Control System Section   11 $ per sq.m   All Sections
 = 25 $ per sq.m
Power supply and Electric Lighting Section   9 $ per sq.m  
Low-current Systems (Security, Alarms, LAN, Video surveillance) Section   6 $ per sq.m  
Cinema or Multiroom-Audio Section   750 $  
General Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVACs)   11 $ per sq.m    
Drawing room plans in the absence of vector source files     3 $ per sq.m    

Project deadlines: 1 month for Plans and Cable Tables for approval, 1 month for Billboards, Specifications and full registration.

The Smart Home system project contains:
1) A cover page and a sheet with the name of the system, object, project and other information
2) An explanatory note describing the principles and general algorithms of the automation system with various subsystems. (The algorithms take the final form during the commissioning of the Smart Home system, depending on specific implementations.)
3) Plans for the arrangement of equipment and laying of cable routes from billboards to equipment, the organization of cable risers and intersections with other engineering systems and elements of the design of premises.
4) Cable logs - a table of all electrical wiring used by subsystems, designation, brand and length.
5) Single-line circuits - detailed power supply circuits for high-voltage and low-voltage electric loads.
6) The calculation part is performed for power supply if necessary: short-circuit currents, leaks, grounding resistance, lightning protection circuit.
7) Block diagrams - the general scheme of an electrical system or automation
system 8) Assembly plans - the layout of panels, cabinets and composite controllers, as close as possible to reality
9) Diagrams of disconnections of all equipment elements and installation recommendations
10) Specifications: Wiring, Cable sewerage, Peripherals, Panel equipment,
11) Approval sheet - agreed solutions for related systems (ventilation, design, plumbing, heating, etc.)



Recommendations for the design of Smart Home systems:

- Perform all sections simultaneously and in the same organization, preferably with a ready-made design project
- For state organizations, a separate simplified electricity supply project is being carried out according to local requirements
- Carry out wiring without junction boxes, if necessary, make connections in the sockets, cable overspending will pay for the installation and maintenance of junction boxes.
 - We recommend designing Smart Home automation systems based on centralized EasyHome controllers, cable overspending compared to bus systems will pay off many times due to cheaper equipment, easy installation and maintenance.
 - The use of duplicate/ bypass lighting / heating control schemes is possible, but impractical.

Job descriptions of the designer
Catalog of typical connection schemes
The rest of the design documentation and sample drawings in *.dwg are sent on request.